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IV remove tEXt chunk from PNG files, how to preserve it?

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    IV remove tEXt chunk from PNG files, how to preserve it?

    Is there any setting which allow to preserve the tEXt chunk in PNG file?
    I often use the comment in .jpg files. I do not understand why IV does not offer the same possibility with .png files. But even worse, when I open .png with tEXt chunk and save it again, the chunk is removed.
    Is there a way how to preserve it? Microsoft Paint keeps this chunk, even repair wrong CRC of it. IV plugin PNGOUT offer to keep chunks, but it does not work, so I suppose that IV does not even read it to memory, so the PNGOUT plugin has nothing to save even when I have checked "Keep chunks" option.
    (I use IV 4.57, because I need the PNGOUT plugin, which does not work with newer versions. So I did not test if newer IV versions keep the tEXt chunk)

    I think you will have to use another program better suited to editing PNG files.

    What is wrong the the OptiPNG plugin?
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