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    New IrfanView Forum


    as you probably can see we are using a new forum software !

    First we want to thank Irfan for making that new forum possible !!

    The new forum:

    Why we chose that forum software:

    a) It´s much better than a phpbb, it has a lot of incredible functions

    b) Better support ( i don´t want to ask a questions in a phpbb support board )

    c) The forum is more secure !

    The old forum:

    We did not import any threads from the old forum ! Why ? There are too many old threads (from different phpbb forum "mods" etc.) and we would loose any attachment (Because we used a special mod for that .

    We did only import every user profile so you did not register twice !

    The old forum is read- only and can be found here.

    If you want to post in an existing thread, then please write me a pm including the link. I will open the thread. Notice: I will do that only for 2 weeks !

    Important threads have been re- written, for example the IrfanView 4 thread or the skin information thread !

    Now, have fun in our new board !!

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    Fehler 404

    I want to repost the gif animator for IrfanView.


      Originally posted by Brasil View Post

      I want to repost the gif animator for IrfanView.

      sorry, it was a wrong link ...

      You can reply to existing threads (still), just login and post in the old forum ... link: