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  1. Requested JPG lossless operations - Change EXIF date/time (date taken)

    At least in v4.53, the date/time correction in the Thumbnail viewer corrects the EXIF fields DateTime and DateTimeOriginal, but not DateTimeDigitized.

    I seem to recall that earlier versions...
  2. Thread: Useful basics

    by rsbrux

    I have found the description of how to use...

    I have found the description of how to use IrfanView to change EXIF timestamps in this thread very useful:...
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    UAC prompt after IrfanView32 update

    I attempted to update IrfanView 32 (IV32) from 4.5.3 to 4.5.4 by simply overwriting the existing directory under Program Files (x86) with those from the ZIP file.
    However, IV 32 now shows a UAC...
  4. Where does IrfanView save color correction profiles?

    When I use the "Color Corrections" (Shift-G) tool, it shows a checkbox "Save values on exit", which does in fact seem to save my correction values for reuse the next time I open the tool. However,...
  5. @ Mij, Are you still using the Contrast Mask...

    @ Mij,
    Are you still using the Contrast Mask plugin? The version I downloaded from the MV website gives me a lot of "Memory access violation!" errors and the pop-up frame shows "FilterMeister Beta...
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    Same problem, but only under Windows 7

    I have the same problem with both IrfanView 4.36 32 bit and 4.44 64 bit running under Windows 7 Pro X64. The "Save with original date/time" box is unchecked. IrfanView 4.42 behaves normally under...
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