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  1. Requested JPEG encoder: Possibility to include thumbnail in image

    JPEG supports thumbnails in its files.

    Size of thumbnail:

    max. width: 255 pixels
    max. height: 255 pixels
    max. total: 21839 pixels

    JPEGs with thumbnails appear much faster in...
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    Requested Change Canvas Size to specific AR

    Change Canvas Size to

    (_) Method 1: Set border dimension in pixels
    (_) Method 2: Set total canvas dimension
    (_) Method 3: Set target aspect ratio enlarging the image

    Method 3 enlarges the...
  3. Reported The simplest fix is to increase the LUT for...

    The simplest fix is to increase the LUT for L2Y-Lookup:

    256 Entries: 73 errors
    512 Entries: 39 errors
    1024 Entries: 18 errors
    2048 Entries: 6 errors
    4096 Entries: No errors

  4. Reported Code with similar behaviour

    Nearly similar bugs I got using this less sophisticated converter routines.
    It uses a 512 tap table for converting L back to Y.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>

    using u8 = unsigned...
  5. Reported Background are multiple reasons: Poorly...

    Background are multiple reasons:

    Poorly implemented converter function between non-linear color spaces (sRGB, AdobeRGB, ...) and linear color spaces: Y2L(L2Y(pixel)) != pixel
  6. Reported ALL Irfanview operations become lossy when "Try to improve gamma for Resample" is on

    How to trigger:

    See Dialog.png for the feature triggering the bug.
    The bug is active after enabling he feature and restarting Irfanview. The current session is not affected.
    To deactivate the...
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