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  1. Hi, Ctrl-F - thanks for this tip, that's what I...

    Ctrl-F - thanks for this tip, that's what I was looking for!

    Hiding directory tree and view menu - that's what I did. But as you correctly state: setting the window automatically to max-size...
  2. Thumbnail-view in 'Fullscreen-Mode', selected thumbnails

    Dear all,

    maybe it already works - my wishes:

    When seeing ~4000 images as thumbnails (mp3-covers), I have to maximize the Windows-frame - can this be set default ?

    Even more, can I set...
  3. problems with batch-mode conversion of file-size changes


    what am I missing when encountering the following problem:

    I want to make my mp3-collection 'tag-proof'. The collection is in a file-system

    composers alphabetical
  4. IV: Electronic Slide Sorting 4.2: GREAT JOB !


    I love(d) Irfanview, but needed a sort of electronic slide sorting facility for my images. My alternative: Breeze Browser. Good for this purpose, but no alternative to IV in general.

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