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  1. automatically display next image after moving the last

    Good Morning,

    i have to control visual all pictures in a directory and move them in different sub-directories.
    So I use F7 followed by 1..9 for moving.

    I didn't find a possibility to have the...
  2. Hy Jazzman, It works flawlessly, thank you. This...

    Hy Jazzman,
    It works flawlessly, thank you. This solution is too easy to get used to when you get stuck.
    many thanks to you, johannes
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    Requested macro recorder programmable shortcuts

    You really can automate a lot of processes with cmd script or batch converting.

    I didn't find a way when you must first look at the picture and then different processes should start with shortcuts...
  4. how start irfanview and automatically open first file with unknown name

    Dear Community,

    How can I start irfanView in a script and tell him to open the first file in the directory. I don't know the filenames.
    I tried things like this:

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