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Thread: How to enhance brightness?

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    Question How to enhance brightness?

    I often use color correction function (shift-G) for modify brightness/exposure of my pictures. But I met problem with it. If you darken the image, sliding brightness bar to negative is OK. But if you enhance brightness (enhance gain, or elongate exposure time), there is no way to do that. Sliding brightness bar to positive make whiten, biasing black to white while keep constant max values.
    It's like the "screen" blending mode of the photoshop. I need "Dodge" blending mode instead. I know dodge function leads saturation, but it is natural.

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    Try the Adobe Plugins on the Image Menu. I have one called Smart Curve which may give you the control that you want.

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    I find that adjusting brightness alone is rarely what you want to do with a picture, either up or down. You usually need to use it in conjunction with contrast to compensate for the reduced dynamic range of the resulting image.

    Smart Curve is now included in the Adobe filters bundled with Irfanview but it is not easy to use without a lot of experience. You might find that the Intensity slider in the AltaLux plugin is what you want for "brightening" images - Image>Effects>AltaLux effect.

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