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Thread: Batch-process files to change date/time back to when they were taken?

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    Question Batch-process files to change date/time back to when they were taken?


    The camera I got (Canon PowerShot SX240HS) uses MTP to connect to Windows (7).

    Unfortunately, after files are copied in Windows, the date/time is today's date instead of the date/time the pictures were originally taken ("Date taken" column in Windows Explorer).

    IrfanView has so many options that I don't know where to look: Does it supports batch-processing a bunch of files and change their date/time back to when they were taken?

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    I don't have the "Date taken" column but if you say dates have changed after copying files, then I presume it's not based on EXIF but plain old file timestamps. If that's the case, IV has nothing to do with it, use Attribute Changer. It can also modify EXIF time/date in case that's what "Date taken" column is based on.

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    Thanks for the tip. I'll keep it handy.

    Turns out TotalCommander has a plug-in to read EXIF infos from picture files and use them to rewrite the file's date and time in the OS.

    To add the "Date taken" column in Windows Explorer, right-click on the header (columns) > More.

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    Date taken should not have been changed unless you asked Irfanview to change it in the Exif data or you asked for the Exif data not to be saved at all. Check in the jpg save options that you have ticked the Checkbox to save Exif data.

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    I have experienced one time that the program used to import jpg's from a phone actually did change both time stamp and exif time on the imported pictures.

    I do not recall what's phone model nor the name of the program, but I know that unfortunately such poor import programs exists.

    I know that there is programs that have the ability to make time stap to match exif time taken, I remember that XnView have this ability.
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