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Thread: Accented letters do not appear correctly in slide show

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    Default Accented letters do not appear correctly in slide show

    I am using irfanview version 4.37 on Windows 7 Ultimate, with all plugins installed.
    When running (within irfanview) a slideshow in full screen of a photo album created with picasa, with captions containing french-accented letters, it appears that at least one accented letter -- but unfortunately the most common in French -- the e with acute accent i.e. "é", presumably coded 0xE9, is NOT properly displayed (a question mark in a rhombus is displayed instead). Many other accented letters show properly.
    (To get captions entered with picasa, I set in irfanview the text to be displayed to $I120.)
    (Choosing French language in irfanview (Options - Change language - French) does not make any difference in the captions).
    Does anyone have a clue what is causing this ?

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    Try changing the font in Full Screen options.

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    I can confirm the problem in IV 4.38. The fault seems to be with the unicode plugin. Changing the font doesn't help (tried unicode/ansi fonts). Unchecking the two 'Allow Unicode Plugin' checkboxes in IPCT options fixes the issue for IPCT data viewing/editing but does nothing for the slideshow. I did find two ways around the problem: remove the unicode plugin (Ansi2Unicode.dll) or save the slideshow as exe.
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