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Thread: "move to" destination directory trick.

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    Default "move to" destination directory trick.

    For years, my work flow for sorting pictures was:
    create folder
    copy address
    press F7 in Irfanview
    paste address into destination field

    But once, by mistake I didn't paste the whole address field and found a cool feature.
    In the destination fields I always leave this
    field one: "\photos for storage" (don't want to deal with these)
    field two: "\Very good photos" (for later processing)
    field three: "\best photos" (to be be processed right away)

    So when I am browsing a folder of pictures, at any time in any folder I can just press F7 then 3 and the picture gets moved to a new subfolder called "best photos".
    F7 then 1 will put it into a "storage" sub folder
    F7 then 2 will do the same for "Very good photos"

    This has been working for me for a good while up to version 4.36 But it started failing, (warning pop up tells me it can't create the folder) It seems to have happened after the new feature of drag and drop to other programs got implemented. So until I get time to figure out why, I am still on version 4.36.

    And just to summarize:
    just type a back slash in a destination field and the title you want to give the new folder, for example
    "\photos to photoshop today"
    It might still work in the newest versions of Irfanview.

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    It works for me in Irfanview v4.38

    There are a few hazards along the way. Things to note if anyone else is trying it

    1. If you intend to move files out of a folder make sure you have checked "Jump to next image after deleting/moving" in the File Handling tab of Properties/Settings before you use F7. You can get into an awful mess if you don't.
    2. The first time you enter a new destination in one of the fields of the F7 Move dialog you must press Enter to save the new entry and move the image there. After that you can just use F7 then press 1, 2 or 3.
    3. Using this method the image is moved to a sub-folder of whatever folder is Open in the Viewer window. That is usually the folder that the file was moved from but not always (e.g. when you open from a Text list or Search results or if it has been copied to a different folder using Save As)
    4. If the sub-folder does not exist it will be created.
    5. You cannot use the F7 dialog to move a file you have scanned or pasted in. They do not have a folder until you have saved them.
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