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Thread: Using Irfanview on a USB memory stick.

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    Default Using Irfanview on a USB memory stick.

    Important - Please note: The file i_view32.exe which I am encouraging you to put onto a USB stick and take out with you is subject to the Irfanview license agreement. That requires that if you intend using it at your place of work or for any commercial purpose you must register and purchase it. If in any doubt you should contact Irfan Skiljan at the email address on the Irfanview - Official homepage.

    Irfanview is an ideal portable application and can be run from a USB memory stick very easily. Being a very compact program it runs fast too.

    Although a special version is available that can be launched from a Portable Apps menu it is not needed if all you want to do is show your pictures on a computer that belongs to someone else who does not have Irfanview installed. Irfanview takes up a tiny space on the USB stick, so you will have plenty of room left for your pictures too.
    If you have Irfanview installed on your own computer at home then a copy of what you have there will work fine on a USB stick too. You do not need to download it again. All you have to do is to find the program file i_view32.exe in the Irfanview folder on your computer and copy it to somewhere on the USB memory stick. That's all. You now have a working program on the stick that you can take out and run on any Windows computer that you plug it into.

    I would recommend that you create a new empty folder on the stick and name it Irfanview, then put i_view32.exe there. That makes it easier to find and to add other things that you may want to include in the folder later. The easy way to copy the i_view32.exe file to the stick is to drag it from the Irfanview folder in Program Files on the C: drive (if that is where you have it installed) and just drop it into the Irfanview folder on your stick. See the image below.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Whenever you double click on the i_view32.exe file you have put on the stick, an empty Irfanview window should open on the desktop. In the View menu you can change the Display options to a Fit to Window mode instead of Fit to Desktop, if you prefer to have a window that does not move around, and you can then adjust the window size and position to where you prefer to have it. Unless you want the window centered on the screen then remember to uncheck "Center image in Window" too. When you close Irfanview you will see that a new file, i_view32.ini, has been created and saved in the Irfanview folder on the stick to hold your settings.

    You may be surprised how much you can do with just this basic program. You will only be able to work with the more common Image file types and will not have all the editing functions you get when the Irfanview plugins pack is installed but you can very easily add plugins later should you need to.
    You will probably find also, on another computer, that you cannot just double click on an image file to open it in Irfanview. If Irfanview is not installed there then the image file will almost certainly be associated with some other application and will open in that. Instead double click on i_view32.exe on the stick to open an Irfanview window, then left click on the image file and while holding down the mouse button drag the icon over to the window. Release the button to drop the image into the open window. You can also drop it directly onto the i_view32.exe file, or create a shortcut to that file on the desktop and drop onto that instead. You do not need to close the window when you have finished browsing that folder. Just drag and drop another image file onto whatever is currently displayed. You might also experiment with dropping a whole folder of images into an open Irfanview window to see what that does.
    More about all this later. Meanwhile do let us know how you use Irfanview "on-the go".
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