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Thread: Getting 'plugins' after installing IrfanView on Linux o.s.

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    Default Getting 'plugins' after installing IrfanView on Linux o.s.

    After installing IrfanView on my Linux Mint 17.1 KDE o.s. in VirtualBox making use
    of the advice Sven Boekhoff gave on his website and using Wine to run it, everything went fine.
    But when I try to make a JPG-lossless crop, Linux comes with a window saying:

    " Can't loading Pligin: "JPG_TRANSFORM.DLL"!
    Please install or update Plugins from IrfanView homepage! "

    But I did install the whole IrfanView package inclusive 'plugins'.
    When I check for that particular dll file it is there!
    Did I forgot something to do?
    My Host is Windows 7 and my Guest is Linux Mint 17.1 KDE.
    Thanks in advance

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    Well this forum ignored me I am afraid, but in the meantime
    I found a solution.
    thanks for wiewing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnalogueMan View Post
    Well this forum ignored me I am afraid, but in the meantime
    I found a solution.
    thanks for wiewing.
    Maybe no one else is running IrfanView on a Linux platform. Your question would have been better to ask on a Linux forum, so don't be too surprised that no one had any solutions to offer.

    Since you found the solution, perhaps you would like to say what it was for the benefit of any Linux users who pass by.

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    I use IV a lot in Debian. There's nothing quite like it for quick cropping, resizing, or rotating. As in Windows, I don't use the installer, but simply unzip or copy it whereever I want it. Used this way, it has never had any problems with its regular plugins.

    The only difficulty I've had is with added 8bf plugins. I dual-boot Windows, and could run the same IrfanView in either OS, but it can't use the same 8BF_Filters.ini in both. The file paths are different. So I have to have two separate complete IV directories.

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    well matera, I do not actually see how you can run IV without having installed 'Wine'.
    After unzipping you are left with an 'exe' file which linux cannot handle.
    I am currently using linux mint 17.1 32 bit. Perhaps you can be a little bit more specific?
    Would be very appreciated!

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