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Thread: Implement BPG format

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    Default Look forward to...

    If BPG ever be implemented, it would be desirable:
    1. In the test version of BPG is no possibility of reading EXIF. While information must be (not lost)
    2. I can not saved in BPG (by the way, perfectly realized in Romeolight BPGconv)
    Thanks you. Sorry for translate.

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    For some reason, searching for "bpg" returned 0 results, so I "accidently" wrote a mail to Irfan...

    I found there is already a github project with plugins for XnView, Susie, and Imagine. I hope this could be a suitable base to implement one for IrfanView as well, at least for reading.

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    The forum search does not allow strings of 3 characters or fewer.

    Do let us know what Irfan Skiljan says if he replies to you.

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