Hi Irfan and Friends,

the wonderful Irfanview 4.38 has a buggy behaviour when moving pictures with F7.
Report: If I move a picture in the middle of a directory with F7, then push the LEFT arrow key (or PageUp) to move up in the directory, IV jumps TWO pictures up instead of one.
This happens if the "move to next picture after move/delete" option is inactive. If active, it jumps correctly, only 1 picture up.
Maybe the bug came in with the "move to next pictures after move/delete" option.

(Why I go up? I sort images by quality with keyboard macros using F7 and "move to next" off, because I sometimes sort upwards and sometimes downwards.
Offtopic: Concerning this elegant way of sorting I also posted a feature request: The existing option of also "delete sidecar files" (for RAW or THM files e.g.) should be extended to "also move/copy sidecar files". So one can sort JPGs and RAWs at the same time!)

IV4.38 EN/Win8.1-64 DE/3K screen/Intel i7-4