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    The now open-source image editor (raw, tiff, jpg) LightZone has reached version 4.1.1. With unique tools and features, quite different than any other program of this kind has, it is powerful, versatile and easy to use. Here is the changelog and here some video tutorials. Included Help is not bad and the forum is very pleasant and helpful. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac, but one has to register to download it.

    Being actually quite an old program (with some improvements), it lacks some features (like a CA correction tool, lens distortion corrections etc.), the file browser is quite basic, noise removal tool is less than perfect (should be improved in next beta version), very complicated edits slow the program down, and so on. On the other hand, with this tool I can make astonishing pictures quickly and with joy, I almost never use other raw editors, having quite a big collection.

    "LightZone was a pioneer in selective editing using vector based regions creation. Pixels can also be selected by color and/or brightness ranges. These selection features allow users to edit only a portion of an image in a flexible system that is extremely user friendly and intuitive."

    It works perfectly as an IrfanView's external editor. I most certainly recommend it.


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