I'm looking for the VIDEO EDITOR and RECORDER equivalent of Irfanview. (A forum search shows no one has asked that yet.) I'm thinking "to be like Irfanview" it should be as reliable in results, intuitive in action, contain the right options and features, and have a moderate learning curve. It should NOT be like Vegas (a Photoshop monster equivalent for video). It should NOT be like Windows Movie Maker (almost a kid's toy... an often broken one).

If you have suggestions, don't just throw out a pile of prog titles. I'd like to hear your review of how well it works. Can I pick up the basics in an hour and some advanced features in a day? Will the saved results, in widely used formats, play properly on common viewers, like Windows Media Player, VLC and, of course, Irfanview?

Bonus if the editor has versions that work on legacy OS: Windows (XP and newer), Macs (OS X ver. 2 and newer) and Linux kernels from 2.4 on.