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    I do not use Windows 10 but in previous Windows versions if you go to the Control Panel > Programs one of the sub-menu options is to set your default programs. That seems to prioritise 64bit programs if you're using a 64bit system so 32bit programs do not appear to be listed and there is no way of adding them.

    I've just checked about Win10 and the Control Panel for default programs and associating programs options looks identical to Win7.

    Only if you use the Win10 Settings app are the options limited in the way some here have described.

    However using the Control Panel you can set file type associations to anything even if the particular program is not listed as the default or one of the listed ones. Windows has always given you the option to browse and add other programs or set as default.

    The problem has always been almost the opposite of what has been described here; once a file association has been added whether it is relevant to the file type of not it will always be listed and that can mean in the right mouse click context menu too. Previous Windows versions have no built in way of disassociating such programs which means if you've made a mistake and added a program that won't open a particular file type it will remain listed forever unless you edit the registry or use a third party tool like:-

    only for Win7 and Vista unfortunately but it does the job. As does the Default Programs Editor, again, unfortunately also just for Win7.

    Surely there is something similar for Win10.
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