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Thread: first Q in 15 years of using Irfan... Save jpg \ jpeg compression default Value

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    Question first Q in 15 years of using Irfan... Save jpg \ jpeg compression default Value

    Q: Is there a way to lock the default compression value instead of Irfanview using the last value?

    The problem:
    I reduce pictures by resizing and sometimes changing the compression from 90% (default value) to something like 50%. I finish and forget to save a photo at 90% and the next time I open Irfan everything I save is at the 50% value. I really wish there was a way that once you close and reopen the program it returns to 90%.

    I was thinking there might be a way to modify the *.ini file or registry or the icon so it launches and resets to my default values.


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    I tried setting the *.ini file's properties to read-only, but that did not seem to help. I don't think any method is going to prove fool-proof.

    What I suggest is using a Batch process to resize images for the web. The batch dialogue can save and load different profiles to suit different tasks.

    The safest default setting for the JPG save dialogue is "Try to save with original compression." Disable that temporarily when you want to save at a lower quality, then immediately re-enable it.

    If you open an image compressed at 50%, and save it at a higher quality, it just gets bigger without any improvement in the quality if you save it again at 90%. However, if you use the above setting, it will save it again at 50% quality, with no increase in file size.

    Please update your forum profile. The current IrfanView version is 4.42.
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