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Thread: Option to show image that is to be replaced

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    Default Option to show image that is to be replaced

    Click, hold + Shift , drag to another folder.

    Are you sure you want to replace same named file ? (something like that).
    Excellent would be to see at that point visual comparison of files in question. Before making a decision.
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    Rather tricky IMO. Since the thumbnail could be dragged to any folder, the thumbnails might not be available if the folder has not been viewed before, and currently, thumbnails are not cached anyway. You can see the problem if you select a folder with a lot of large images in the Thumbnail viewer, switch back to a smaller folder, then select the previous folder again. The Thumbnails have to be redrawn.

    There have been several previous requests to cache thumbnails, but even if that were to be implemented (it would increase RAM usage), any folders not previously viewed would make this process very slow.

    Windows Explorer does cache thumbnails, and does show tiny thumbnails on the Copy file dialogue, but the small thumbnails are not very useful for deciding what the difference is between similar versions of the same image.
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