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Thread: Fixed it myself, so hello!

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    Default Fixed it myself, so hello!

    I have been using Irfanview for probably 15 years or more, and every time I had an problem I searched the forums and fixed it myself. But I spent the past week trying to figure out what I accidentally changed to cause an unwanted behavior. I knew it was perfectly obvious, but I could not figure it out.

    Finally, I gave up. I created a User profile, typed a concise description of the problem, and then realized what my issue was right before I hit "enter."

    So, since I am now a member, I thought I'd just say hello from MIchigan USA. THanks for all the tips you've given me over the years without even knowing.

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    Welcome to the forum. Signup for new memberships have been closed for a long time until fairly recently due to the amount of spam, so it's just as well that you joined while you can.

    There are not many active members. I visit frequently and help wherever I can, but there are many features of IrfanView that I never use. If you can answer some questions, then please do.

    Also, please edit your forum profile so that we all know which version you're using and on which Operating System. These details are often relevant as the available features change with each new version.

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