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Thread: Batch Conversion - Crop Center Top (and maybe Center Bottom)

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    I have a need to do a batch conversion on many images (~70,000) and need to crop them to just "center top" section of a predefined size (143x143 in my case). I am already doing the resize before the crop to set the short side to 143. The center crop does what I want for landscape images but not for portrait images.

    Example of what I would want done with this "center top" crop function:

    Landscape image starting size: 300x143
    - Crop starting at 79,0 (top of crop "window" = 79,0 - 222,0)

    Portrait image starting size: 143x300
    - Crop starting at 0,0 (top of crop "window" = 0,0 - 143,0)

    It would potentially also make sense to add a "center bottom" option that would work in a similar fashion.

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    Use Canvas size function - Method 2, Width 143, Height 143, Middle Top

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