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Thread: Making the option: "use current ('look in') directory" to be the default

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    Default Making the option: "use current ('look in') directory" to be the default

    Hi all,

    I have been using IV for tens of years, and heavily using the Batch facility ("B"), mainly to resize files. It has always worked perfectly, until today.

    I have the following options:

    (Win XP SP3, IrfanView v4.44 32bits) All graphic files open automatically with IV.

    a) Use CURRENT folder as default for batch operations. This works fine.
    b) I always had the results OVERWRITE the original files, while keeping the original JPGs' (file change) dates.

    Today IV does NOT set the output folder the same as the input one byy default.

    I do not find the way to fix the default OUTPUT directory to be automatically placed in the [ use current ('look in') directory ].

    I need to click this button every time.

    Where do I make the "INPUT" folder to be the "OUTPUT" folder by default ?



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    Hi all again,

    I found the answer. Sorry for the question. (in the HELP, where else ...)

    Using PlaceHolder $D in the "output folder" text box does the trick and needs to be there all the time. I have overlooked it because this was left unchanged for so many years.



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