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Thread: Over- and under-exposure zebras/clipping overlay+

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    Default Over- and under-exposure zebras/clipping overlay+

    I'd like to be able to quickly see all of the dots in an image (mainly photographs) that are 100% black or 100% white and therefore have been clipped. The feature called "zebras" on some cameras does this in real time while shooting in live view; I'd like IV to be able to do something similar so I can see if a photo I'm looking at has blown out or under-exposed areas.

    This would preferably be some sort of overlay that blinks every few seconds and can be toggled on and off quickly. Even better would be the ability to set the zebra min/max thresholds where something is considered to be clipped; i.e. a max of 240 would cause any pixels whose RGB luminance is a value between 240-255 to flash.

    For the flashing, I thought either invert the values or make them flash to a fixed black or white depending on if they're over- or under-exposed.

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    You can find this feature, although not as advanced as you might wish, in the SmartCurve plugin. The indicator's colours can be set, but not the clipping threshold. And it is not blinking.

    (Image > Adobe 8BF PlugIns > SmartCurve)

    (Included in IV since 4.37)

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    Any update to this?
    I would like to use Irfan also for my live capture /tethering projects.
    I do a shot and like to see in Irfan if exposure is ok.

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