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Thread: Improve interface with mapping softwares/services

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    Default Improve interface with mapping softwares/services

    Dear all, this is my first post.

    And I'll start saying: thanks for this wonderful software, which is since years my favourite picture handler, viewer and explorer.

    I am a naturalist photographer and the use of geotagging information is for me a must (my camera is equipped with GPS).
    The tool that allows to pin pictures on Google Maps, Earth, etc. is great and I am countinuously using it, but it is difficult to reach: I need 4 click per image, and when you have to do this dozens of times it's annoying.

    So, I would like to have a button on the toolbar, or a keyboard shortcut, to quickly do this work: a single click or a keyboard combination should place a pin on the map of my preferred software/service (to be chosen in settings/options).
    What do you think?

    Now, I don't want to abuse of your patience , but a dream feature would be the option to show a small zoomable Google Maps window (aside the image). Whenever an image with GPS information is loaded, the map is refreshed accordingly.

    Thanks, Marco

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    Default Show in google maps button (or show in open street maps button) - with less clicks


    First of all thanks to Irfan for the great program, I've been using it for years.

    I check the geotag information of jpg files often, and the easiest check is to show on a map; google maps or open street maps are both good for this. I've found out just now that there's a hotkey, keyboard shortcut: CTRL + O to Start Google Earth with the EXIF-GPS data of the loaded file.

    Otherwise in the past I've been using either the image properties - EXIF info - Show in *** Maps dialog boxes or (I-E-M on keyboard). However I think this is a feature that could be more easily accessible with a toolbar button or a keyboard shortcut specifically for this.

    It's not ideal to open with Google Earth because this is slow to load on an older computer. And with the dialog box method after showing on a map on a web page, then the two dialog boxes need to be closed.

    Another route I've taken is to configure open with external editor [GeoSetter] with keyboard shortcut SHIFT-1.

    However it would be simpler and much more user friendly for a button on the toolbar to have this function, and I think the simplest way would be to open in a web page, just the same way the dialog box method works.

    Thanks for reading this.

    Writing from Canada.

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    Default faster access to image location on map

    Now I've discovered that several other popular image viewers have this feature better implemented than Irfanview, with keyboard shortcut and/or one click to view image location on map.

    Honeyview (button and keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-G)

    nomacs (button and configurable keyboard shortcut)

    JPEGView (F2 for picture info panel and then click on coordinates shown)

    Try these out and you'll see what I mean.

    I recommend for Irfanview to implement something similar.


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