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Thread: Fit To Screen on 2736x1824 & 1080p Multi-Monitor - DPI / "Per-Monitor Aware" Required

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    Lightbulb Fit To Screen on 2736x1824 & 1080p Multi-Monitor - DPI / "Per-Monitor Aware" Required

    Just want to start off by saying this isn't a complaint, I just think I've found a bug, and wanted to bring it to your attention, will happily mea culpa and swallow all of this if something simple has been missed, but I fear not.

    When using 'fit to screen' on full screen, the image always drastically blows up (zooms in) in this 2736x1824 screen. There's no full screen option that works.

    • Microsoft Surface Pro 4
    • Surface Dock
    • Primary monitor = external HP 1080p (one of 2 on display ports)
    • Secondary monitor = 2736x1824 surface display
    • Irfanview 64
    • Windows 10 Pro 64

    So I'm quite aware that there are window DPI issues in Windows with programs on multiple monitor setups, these derive that the very high resolution of the surface's main display doesn't exactly play well with those of the 1080's next to it, especially if those are set to primary.

    However, there is a fix, which is applications which are "Per-Monitor Aware", these applications (of which Irfanview 64 is not) adapt their display DPI to the display that they're currently on.

    So ... I believe that when I'm opening images on Irfanview on the Surface's (bloody great) display, when I've undocked it, the screen DPI is set to that of the 1080p monitor(s) that are the 'primary'. The only work around for this is to log out and in again ... and that's just silly.

    FWIW - Irfanview 64 is "system aware" according to Process Explorer.

    Basically I am just wondering if there's a version coming soon which will adapt to display DPIs accordingly. I know that Microsoft *themselves* are having issues with office (blurry!) that haven't been fixed after years of these screens, so I'm not playing the entitled consumer here. All I'm doing is making sure that there's a searchable thread for this so that folks with the same issue can find it and check in on progress towards a "Per-Monitor Aware" version of the software.

    As I say, if I've not set things up correctly, then I'm a ridiculous human, but I'm pretty sure that I have.

    Lemme know if you need more information, it might take a while to respond, though, as my brain is a bit scatty.
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