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Thread: Canon 5D MArk IV RAW Files

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    Default Canon 5D MArk IV RAW Files

    Hi All,
    I use irfanview for many years and this program is the best I ever seen on the market.
    I have an issue and hope you can help me out.
    I just bought a new camera Canon 5D mark IV and irfanview cannot open a new raw file.
    The previous version 5D MK III worked great with irfanview and I could view and do batch conversions of RAW files without any problems.
    First I installed the newest Format.dll file and the program still gives me Decode Error message.
    My question is, does the irfanview has new codecs for the new CR2 raw file from Canon 5D Mark IV camera?
    Thanks in advance.

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    You are right, IrfanView can only display the embedded jpeg preview files properly, not the actual raw files. The same is true for many other image viewers, and even some raw converters can't handle these files yet. Some others offer basic or partial support. If you are using the Dual Pixel feature, even Adobe advises Canon's DPP for this, then exporting 16-bit tiffs to Lightroom or Photoshop.

    Dcraw, a decoder, that many freeware and open source programs are using (IV being supposedly one of them), doesn't officially support this camera yet. So this might take some time.

    In any case, I wouldn't use IrfanView as a raw converter; it gives you no control of the process and you lose all the benefits of shooting in raw. The freeware Canon's program will do a better job, with all the basic adjustments available. And if you want a more powerful tool, there is RawTherapee to be used, and a development version of darktable for Windows.
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