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Thread: Batch chronological timestamping of photos

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    Default Batch chronological timestamping of photos

    Okay folks - I'm sure this is a well-discussed topic but I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for.

    I have scanned a ton of old family slides. As you can imagine the time stamp of each jpg has nothing to do with the time of the photo itself.

    Is there a way, presumably with irfanview or any other method, to timestamp these in an order that I deem to be chronological? It doesn't really matter the actual date(s) of the photos, but I would need to have 1 photo be timestamped before the next, and so on. How do I do this in batch form?

    I have seen much advice on how to re-stamp batches of photos, but these then all have the same timestamp and doesn't help me.

    I have 1000+ photos so manually individually is not reasonable.

    Any advice much appreciated!

    Brad in MA

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    See the Help file for Batch Renaming:

    Appendix A

    By default, all date/time placeholders deliver full text including date and time. If you want to get only specific values, you can use additional placeholder options (ANSI C function: strftime):

    %Y - year, 4 numbers
    %y - year, 2 numbers (00-99)
    %m - month
    %d - day
    %H - hour
    %M - minute
    %S - second
    %a - short weekday name
    %A - full weekday name
    %b - short month name
    %B - full month name

    If you include the parameter %S (seconds) in your filename that should do what you want. You might need to do a conversion and rename to slow it down enough to make a difference between one filename and the next.

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