Dear readers,
I am new with Irfan View. During the last days I did a lot of searching in the IneterNet to get answers on how to construct a relation between the IRFAN email and my email standard programm.
I use the newest downloads IRFAN 4.50 64 Bit and its corresponding plugins 64 Bit.
My system is Win 10 and Thunderbird email. Both work properly daily and also together with an old image programme Picture it 9.
I tried both settings of IRFANVIEW, SMPT and IMAP but both react with a fault message:
no email installed or related.... can't connect, server does not answer.
I think IMAP should work like my Picture it version: pictures are sent as an attachment to the email page and there I then can put in the receiver's address. Then >send.
Well, what can I do now?
Please, I would like to get help from an experienced user who can feel like a newcomer and lead me to the correct path to solve the problem.
If Thunderbird mail or mail are not blocked due to a preset default... it should all work easily.
Thanks a lot in advance,