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Thread: Wrong color order in TIFF if color profile used

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    Default Wrong color order in TIFF if color profile used

    I get a bug in some TIFF files, which have the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profile embedded, and I have enabled LCMS with the same profile in the output. The Red and Blue colors are swapped. Problem occurs when an image is opened from command-line or File-Open dialog with the Preview deactivated.

    Irfan recently added a change, which causes LCMS to be bypassed if same profile is input and output. Probably related, because 4.50 doesn't have this issue. Bug doesn't happen if the profiles are different and the plugin performs a conversion.

    IV 4.51 32-bit
    OS: WinXP, Win2003
    Lcms.dll 108,544 bytes, CRC32 EA2353F4
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