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Thread: Playing WEBM in IrfanView

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinbios View Post
    I found a workaround that at least works for me.

    Launch IrfanView and open any video file. The video will be blank. Pause it and leave it open.

    Now launch another instance of IrfanView and open the video you want to play, it will play normally.

    I think maybe the first instance takes up some broken video pathway, and the second falls back to some alternate pathway that works fine.

    Bhikkhu Pesala, would appreciate if you could share this information in and relay it to Irfan if possible, maybe it will help identify the issue.
    this is still an issue and opening a 2nd instance in fact fixed it, I never had this issue until recently and I think a certain windows update or nvidia driver may have caused it. I tried fresh installs of irfanview 32/64 bit and reinstalling all my drivers and trying various different codec packs, only opening a 2nd instance of irfanview managed to fix the black screen with audio issue (happens when viewing any video format: mp4, avi, webm, etc). If anyone found an alternative fix pls share

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    Maybe there is an incompatibility with the hardware accelerated YUV upsampling, and converting the picture to RGB32 in the decoder could be a workaround. Make sure the video decoder is either Ffdshow or LAV Filters, and uncheck all other codes for output except RGB32 (no yv12, no yuy2). Simpler codecs don't have such an option. This used to solve blocking reds and inability to have multiple videos open simultaneously in full contrast in older systems. Only the first video would get the good pathwау w/acceleration. I don't have Windows 10 and I'm only guessing.

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