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Thread: thought and speech bubble plugin

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    Red face thought and speech bubble plugin

    I don't know if this was addressed previously, please point me to the right post if it was, but would appreciate this feature, as right now I am still using old psp to do this and would rather use irfanview, thanks

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    I don't want to discourage you, but I think you will be waiting until Doomsday for this.

    Get yourself a copy of FastStone Capture 5.3, which is freeware, and use that for annotations.

    The IrfanPaint Plugin (F12) is no longer being developed and crashes for some users, but for occasional use, it could be used to add text on top of rounded rectangles. Nothing as fancy as speech and thought bubbles as in FastStone, which makes such tasks very easy (see below).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	FastStone Capture Annotations.png 
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    A similar feature for IrfanView would require a great deal of work. The source for IrfanPaint is available if anyone wants to take on this task, but no one has yet since the code was released in May 2010.
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