I am trying to merge 2x logo jpeg images into a single side-by-side logo.
I want to insert the new merged image into a box (in my invoicing software) that allows 400x120 pxl images.
I have resized both images so that they are 120 pxl high (and less than 200 wide). However when I add them both into the same Irfanview file, one image is much smaller than the other. I thought they would be the same height because they are both 120 pxl high.
After having several goes and trying a number of approaches, I have just noticed that the pixel size is listed differently in the Information panels?
JPG1 shows the current size as: 122 x 120 Pixels (1.01)
While JPG2 shows the current size as: 85 x 120 Pixels (0.70)
I thought the pixel size was fixed according to the current setting of the display...????, but this appears not to be the case here!
On screen, JPG2 looks to be only about half the height of JPG1, where I thought they should be exactly the same height.

How can I adjust either or both of the images so that they are both exactly the same height at 120 pixels?