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Thread: Ability to crop photo by percentage(%)

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    Lightbulb Ability to crop photo by percentage(%)

    After getting used to Photoshop's batch tool to crop double-paged book scans in half, I find it tedious to do the same using Irfanview's batch function since these particular scans don't have a consistent width.

    It'd be nice if in "Advanced Batch Conversion Settings" You could set crop width and height to be % instead of px. If it's already there, I don't know where to find it.

    Thanks for reading!

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    This feature would be awesome, hope it gets implemented soon

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    I wonder why scans of two facing pages would not have a consistent width? I can see that the spine might not be consistently in the centre of the scan (unless one has a method to align the book accurately), but then cropping by percentage would not solve that problem.

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