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Thread: Resample for fitting only big images

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    Default Resample for fitting only big images

    I use Irfanview to view images such as photos and screenshots as well as to reference and compare small pixel-perfect sprite style graphics. Since resampling while fitting to the window always makes resized photos look better but can make some images like very small icons or pixel art into a blurry mess, I end up frequently toggling the resampling option from the menu while browsing images. An option for only using resampling when fitting big images to the window would be wonderful for seamlessly browsing regular-sized photos as well as pixel art style images. A keybind to toggle fitting resampling and refresh the current image would be another solution.
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    I would like an option to turn off resampling at zoom-rates over 100%, if this is approximately what you wish. For peeping at photos sharpness, chromatic aberrations and such.

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