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Thread: GIF images not scaling in fullscreen sideshow

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    Default GIF images not scaling in fullscreen sideshow

    Hello i'm a longtime user of irfanview first time poster. i just want to report a small bug.
    I recently updated to infranview v4.51 - 32 bit.
    I noticed when you click on Slideshow and load a bunch of gifs in the playlist and hit play. the gifs do not scale automatically to fit the screen size.
    In full screen options i have selected "Fit to screen: all images/movies"
    When you hit the "+" on the keyboard the images do scale manualy however.
    I have tested this functionality does seem to work with JPG and PNG but not gifs

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    I believe that the behaviour is intentional. Most gif images are small, and won't scale well to fullscreen. You already found the workaround to use the shortcuts if you want to zoom.

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