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Thread: Resaving JPGs taken with iPhone takes a very long time - over 10s per file

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    Exclamation Resaving JPGs taken with iPhone takes a very long time - over 10s per file

    Resaving any JPG taken with an iPhone takes a very long time, up to ~10+s per picture even on an 8 core CPU. It goes up to 15-20s on dual/quad core CPUs. Tested on multiple devices with Intel CPUs (3 and 4 series i5 and i7) and AMD CPUs (FX series), plenty of RAM (8-32GB), all SSDs, multiple versions of Irfanview (4.44, 4.51, 32 and 64bit with the appropriate plugins installed), multiple OSes (Win 8.1/10), and JPGs taken with diffrent phone models (iPhone 6s/8, multiple iOS versions). The result is always the same. Any other JPG is resaved almost instantly even when multiple times larger.

    The same effect is present whether just resaving the picture with Save As or using batch conversion. All other options are left default except enabling "Keep original EXIF data". Only 1 CPU core is used (100%) at any time by Irfanview and the process shows up as Not Responding for the entire duration of the conversion.

    Can anybody try to replicate this? Maybe something I apply on all my devices triggers this behavior, although this is unlikely.

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    I cannot test this, but maybe it has something to do with how photos are opened in IrfanView from an iPhone?

    See this long thread.

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