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Thread: Paste special from command line?

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    Default Paste special from command line?

    Is it possible to paste special in Irfanview from the command line? Or any way to combine two images in the same fashion as paste special from the command line using Irfanview?


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    If you tell us why you need this, someone may be able to suggest a workaround.

    See i_options.txt in the IrfanView Program folder for command line switches. Paste special is not there, but panorama is.

    /panorama=(X,files) - create panorama image from input files; X = direction (1 or 2)

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    I am teaching students to use Matlab on a cloud server. Since Irfanview can be portable it can be run on the cloud without being "installed". The paste special works great for combining figures onto a page for presentation. (copy figure, paste to Irfanview, copy next figure, paste special to existing graphic in Irfanview, repeat) You can also paste special a column of figures into one instance of Irfanview and another into a separate instance, then paste special them together to get multiple columns, etc.

    I was considering automating this process.


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    Panorama may work. Probably will work.


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    Works very well.

    Thanks again,

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