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Thread: .mng extension

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    Default .mng extension

    I'm trying to open a file with .mng extension.

    I recently downloaded IrfanView, along with the plugins.
    I can't get the viewer to open the file.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I downloaded a test suite from Source Forge and all seem to work in 32-bit and 64-bit IrfanView.

    Zip a test file and attach it to the forum, or provide a download link.

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    Joey did you get a message about the mng.dll plugin when you tried to open the .mng?

    If so: I just had a go at this myself and found that my existing 64bit plugin mng.dll also would not open any of those ^ test examples. My mng.dll should have been from the v4.51 plugin pack which I updated at the same time as the program to v4.51 a number of weeks ago.

    No idea why it did not work but I've just tested the mng.dll plugin which comes in the current v4.52 64bit plugin pack and that worked perfectly.

    So my advice to Joey if he's using 64 bit system would be to update your plugin pack to the v4.52 one because its 64bit mng.dll definitely does work as Bhikkhu Pesala said.


    Just tested the v4.51 64 bit mng.dll plugin again with a fresh install from my original download and it worked fine. So it looks like my mng.dll that did not work must have been from an even earlier plugin pack I'd neglected to update.

    That is even more reason to suspect Joey's problem is due to using a similarly outdated and now not working mng.dll.
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