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Thread: ORC-Plugin with tesseract

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    Default ORC-Plugin with tesseract

    Hi folks,

    there is an excellent, open-source, up-to-date command-line ORC tools named tesseract. I think it would be easy to implement a frontend to irfanview!
    This frontend could also use irvanwiew tools to do the preprocessing tesseract "likes": for example conversion to tiff, resizing, batching. And straightening, but for this an extra feature would be great (see next request).

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    Developers can ask Irfan Skiljan for details on providing plugins for IrfanView.

    Since there is already the Kadmos OCR plugin, there does not seem to be much incentive. I presume that the Tesseract tool is more up-to-date. It could hardly be much worse than Kadmos, but who will code the plugin?

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