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Thread: Adding text to top and bottom of JPEG

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    Default Adding text to top and bottom of JPEG

    I added text to the top of the photo. (Easy, for my first attempt.)

    I changed canvas size (image), then I created a wide space at the bottom only.
    I changed the background to white for that space.

    I do not understand the instructions (after I've created the space), to add another line of different text to the bottom.

    I went back in with a new image. I created the borders first.
    When I went to add in the captions, it worked both at the top and bottom.
    I am not sure why or what I did differently other than what I wrote in my second sentence.
    ***The first time I added the bottom border after realizing I need to create room there.

    At any rate. SOLVED.
    I no longer need help.

    Thank you.
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