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Thread: Several sub menus don't have access keys which makes keyboard navigation difficult

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    Default Several sub menus don't have access keys which makes keyboard navigation difficult

    There are several sub-menus that don't have an "access key" assigned (appears as an underlined character when using the Alt key to navigate the menu - in all Windows programs). This makes keyboard navigation much harder (and time consuming) as it means you must use the cursor keys to step-step-step-step down to the sub-menu before being able to open it. This seems strange in several cases, as often the items in the sub-menu itself do have access keys assigned (but these are not accessible unless the sub-menu is first opened).

    For example, several sub-menus under the Edit menu do not have access keys assigned.

    In particular (one that I use a lot):

    Edit > Remove/Insert Strip (uses selection) > (Sub-menu)

    Alt + E naturally opens the Edit menu, but there is no access key to open the "Remove/Insert Strip (uses selection)" sub-menu so we must navigate down using the cursor keys (13 times, since it's the 13th menu item) in order to open the sub-menu. Yet all sub-menu items do have an access key assigned (h, v, o and e) - but the usefulness of these access keys are hidden until the sub-menu is opened.

    There are no keyboard shortcuts assigned to these sub-menu items so there is no other way to access these options by keyboard.

    So, it would be great see "access keys" assigned to these few menu items. Thanks.

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    I support this. I too use accessibility keys when there is no direct keyboard shortcut available and an access key for the function "Remove/Insert strip" is one I would especially like to see.
    Usually Irfan Skiljan replies that there are no unused letters that can be assigned. I cannot see the "m" in "Remove" used elsewhere in the Edit menu though and so think it is worth requesting.

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