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Thread: Display of image/thumbnail when deleting with right hand click

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    Default Display of image/thumbnail when deleting with right hand click

    I use a right hand click to select for deletion a PNG image (Thumbnail size 104x100) from a folder. Sometimes the image or a thumbnail is displayed and this help in confirming the correction image is being deleted. But I seem to get the Irfanview icon most of the time now. Is there a way to always get the image. Irfanview version used is 4.52 both 32-bit and 64-bit but unable to pick 4.52 in dropdown box in editing profile.

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    I am assuming that you are talking about what you see while running Irfanview and not some other program such as File Explorer (Win10) or Windows Explorer (Win7). If so I assume you are talking about what you see in the Thumbnail viewer and not what you see in the pop up menu when you ask to open or save a file.
    If it is the Thumbnail viewer then you need the View menu and to select what you want to see - Thumbnails (in various sizes), Tiles, Details or List. Apart from Thumbnails views the other 3 will show the icon of the program that is associated with PNG files and if that is Irfanview then you should always see an Irfanview icon (by default the flat red cat). You should never see anything else apart from that icon against a PNG file. Are you saying that you do?

    There is always a lag after a new issue appears before you are able to edit your profile to show the new issue number. It has to be set up by the forum Administrator and we have to wait until he gets around to doing it.

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