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Thread: Directshow Video Playback Fails to Show Video on First Open

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    I have same problem, still cant fix it. Any idea what to do?
    Windows 10, build 1903
    Irfanview 4.53
    Nvidia GTX 1080, driver 436.48

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    I have this same exact problem after installing a Nvidia GT1030 graphics card, driver v432.00. Irfanview 64 bit v4.54. Has there been a fix? Should I update the driver? Thanks.

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    Since this seem to be a problem with graphic drivers, try updating your drivers. I would expect a new card to come with the latest drivers, but there may be many reasons why older drivers are supplied.

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    Thanks. Updated to the latest Nvidia driver from July 2020, v451.67. No joy. Still will not display video until I open up a second instance of Irfanview. Then it works. Is there a known good Nvidia driver I should try? I'm using a DP cable. Would switching to HDMI help? Please advise.

    EDIT: The problem is solved by switching to 32bit version of Irfanview. So from my point of view, this is a bug in 64bit Irfanview and not a bug in the Nvidia drivers.
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