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Thread: IV 64bit TIFF -> JPG batch deletes EXIF and IPTC

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    Default IV 64bit TIFF -> JPG batch deletes EXIF and IPTC

    Hello. I am a new user of Irfanview and am excited about the possibilities. However, I've noticed what might be an issue. I am using the 64-bit version downloaded from Windows 10 app store. Performed a batch conversion of 10,000+ TIFF files to JPG. The EXIF and IPTC tags are missing from the JPG files. The primary tags I'm interested in at present are the image date (not file creation date) and list of keywords. The TIFF files have many hours invested in getting the keywords set up and dates entered. Please find attached the screenshots that show my application version, the plugins installed, and the options I used when performing the batch convert and rename.

    Can someone please explain if this is an issue with the 64-bit version, an issue with TIFF files, using Adobe Bridge to tag the TIFFs, or something else wrong? I used Adobe Bridge again to verify that tags were missing from the batch-created jpg files. The version of IV is 4.52.

    UPDATE: The EXIF (date time original) and the IPTC data are preserved when editing a single file through the Save As option. Bug appears to be an issue with the Batch functionality.

    Thank you for taking the time and hope to hear back.

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	IV_batch_options.JPG 
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    Any thoughts on why the batch process is broken? Your help is appreciated.

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    I am quite surprised that you are able to preserve the EXIf and IPTC data when converting a single TIFF into a JPG file in Irfanview. You used not to be able to do that and there is still nothing that I have seen in the versions history to say that it is now possible.

    The problem is that the metadata is saved in a completely different way in TIFFs to how it is saved in JPEGs. As I understand it the TIFF file creates a completely separate sector within the file to hold image information. The sector can be almost as large as the one where the image is stored and it can be saved either compressed or uncompressed independently to how the image itself is. The JPEGs have to squeeze it into the same sector as the image file, so they can only support a subset of the fields that a TIFF can hold.

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