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    I am trying to remove an range of colors from a picture in order to get a good result for a black-white-conversion. The original picture contains black text and various colored areas. A simple black-white-conversion would turn some of these areas in black, so the text is no longer readable. I know how to replace a single color, but I am looking for a way to turn a whole color-range to white (e.g. all green-colors should turn white).

    Any ideas?

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    It would be interesting to know if there is a IRFV tool or technique to do this but it sounds like a too sophisticated task for this particular program. Even in another graphics program I know well PDN ( that is not an easy job if any part of the text and background are the same colour or displays as the same greyscale tone in the case of a b/w conversion.

    An obvious solution is to create a contrasting plain background box just behind the text or by outlining the text in a contrasting colour/tone or maybe introducing drop shadows by one way or another. Again this is well beyond what I think IRFV can do requiring a graphics program with a far greater selection of tools and features.

    If the background is a complex mix of tones I just do not think IRFV can do what is wanted but, as said, it would be interesting to find out if there is a method.

    It might help if you can post the image or a similar example so others can better understand the problem and come up with some more ideas.
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    It very much depends on the style of the image, so I agree that an example would be helpful.

    That said, you could try one of these Plugins which work with IrfanView:

    Martin Vicanek's Color Replacer:
    Jazzman's Colour Magic:

    They are both similar and allow to set tolerance in selecting the colour(s) to be maniplated.

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