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Thread: IrfanView 4.51/4.52 crashing when selecting scan/TWAIN source

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    Default IrfanView 4.51/4.52 crashing when selecting scan/TWAIN source


    I apologize if this has been discussed already. I have tried using the search function for this specific problem to no avail, so if there is already a thread on this, please point me in the right direction.

    OS: Windows 7 Pro 32-bit
    Scanner: Epson DS-530
    IrfanView Version: 4.52 (also tried on 4.51)

    I have been using IrfanView for many years now and this is the first problem I have encountered. I have been using the DS-530 for over a year without issue. However, now every time I try to select a scan/TWAIN source in IrfanView the program crashes (IrfanView has stopped working message pop-up). If I try to start scanning without selecting a source, the program crashes.

    I have uninstalled/reinstalled IrfanView. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers for the DS-530. I have uninstalled Windows updates that were installed since I was last able to scan. I have even tried doing a system restore to last week when it was working. Hoping someone smarter than me may have some ideas.

    Thank you in advance for any help that may be offered,

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    Looks like there is no one smarter than you here. Send a bug report to Irfan Skiljan. See Help, About for his email address.

    If you let us know the result, the thread can be updated.

    Moved to bug reports.

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