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Thread: Add frame in cm-values

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    Question Add frame in cm-values

    Hi, I want to do two things before I print some photos:

    1. Change picture size to 8,5cm*13cm, that is working
    2. Add frame to have 9cm*14cm: left side adding 0,25cm, right side adding 0,25cm. Top side adding: 0,25cm. Bottom adding: 1,75cm

    In picture-size-menu I can put in the cm. But in change-frame menu I can only add pixel-values. So how can do add the cm-values?

    thank you!
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    Prints on paper work in inches/cms. Image sizes are in pixels.

    You will need to use the Windows calculator as the number of pixels to one cm depends on the image resolution.

    0.25 cm @ 96 dpi = 9.45 pixels or about 9 pixels
    0.75 cm @ 96 dpi = 28.35 pixels or about 28 pixels

    0.25 cm @ 600 dpi = 59 pixels
    0.75 cm @ 600 dpi = 177 pixels

    There is no reason why IrfanView could not automate that, but I somehow doubt if it will happen.

    I moved the thread to Feature Requests.

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