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Thread: shell options: paste image from clipboard

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    Lightbulb shell options: paste image from clipboard

    First post. Great app!


    In various occasions, I have an image in my clipboard and I just want to save it to a file, in specific folder.

    Here is what I currently have to do:

    If there already is an image in the same folder (I'm lucky):
    • open it (IrfanView is the associated app)
    • Ctrl+V to paste (substitutes image)
    • "File"->"save as..."
      (carefully! I don't want to just "save" and accidentally overwrite the old image)
      (edit: tested: it would not. But, still.)
    • pick a name, a format etc.

    Or else, when I am not lucky, I have to:
    • Find an image somewhere else on the disk, possibly nearby by in the folder structure
    • open it (easiest way to fire up IrfanView)
    • Ctrl+V to paste
    • "File"->"save as..." (again, with care)
    • navigate back to the intended destination folder
    • pick a name a format etc.

    Or another option is:
    • Fire up irfanView from Start Menu or whatever (unusual, long operation)
    • Ctrl+V to paste
    • Ctrl+S to save
    • Go all the way to the intended folder, or cut and paste it as a string, etc. (tedious)
    • pick a name a format etc.

    All the above are quite tedious, and/or require luck, and/or attention.

    Here is what I would like to do instead:

    • From File Explorer, inside the targeted folder:
      Right-click -> "Paste image" (new shell-integration feature!)
      IrfanView appears, with the image from the clipboard, with a "new" status, and the folder as current folder,
    • Ctrl+S to save
    • pick a name a format etc.

    Ideally, this option should only appear in the Shell Menu when I have an image sitting on the clipboard, to avoid unnecessarily cluttering it.
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    Try opening the Recent Folders drop list at the bottom of the Save As.. dialogue.

    To launch IrfanView more easily, right-click the Start Menu shortcut icon, select more to open the file location (of the shortcut). Set a shortcut key like Ctrl+Alt+I. Set the shortcut’s target to:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\IrfanView\i_view32.exe" /clippaste or
    "C:\Program Files\IrfanView\i_view64.exe" /clippaste

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