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Thread: Fullscreen / Slideshow -> Make mouse cursor invisible while idle

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    Default Fullscreen / Slideshow -> Make mouse cursor invisible while idle

    Hi all,

    Great program this. I've been using it since like forever and it always sort of bothers me when I'm in full screen, going through a folder, bumping into the pointer, having to slide it off the screen and then again and again as I go back and forth to full screen, multitasking. It would be great to at least have the option to get rid of it all together while in full screen, just like all video players do it. Simple enough request, I guess.


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    when you start to use a new program, i.e. new to you, it's always useful to browse through the menus and options. You'll find out what the programs
    capabilities are.
    To answer your question: Press 'p' while you view a picture, that will get you to 'Properties / Settings'. Select 'Full screen / Slideshow'. Near the bottom
    you'll find 'Hide mouse cursor'. Mark the checkbox and leave with [Okay].
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    Thanks. I never ever saw that. Weird.

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