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Thread: how to stop selection box click-zoom?

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    Default how to stop selection box click-zoom?

    For me, Irfanview's worst annoyance by far is this: when you are trying to select a portion of an image to crop it, and you are trying to adjust the selection box, if you click just a little bit inside the box, the box vanishes and instead the image zooms in to the size of the (now-vanished) selection box. This destroys all the hard work that you previously did to make other adjustments, always eliciting very impolite words, and forces you start all over again (and to add insult to injury, you have to readjust the image view back down to a croppable size).

    I absolutely hate this "feature" of Irfanview. There's no way to be so careful all the time that you avoid this problem, especially when you have to make a lot of small adjustments, as I often do.

    Is there some way to turn off this click-zoom "feature"?

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    As far as I know the zoom to selection behaviour cannot be disabled. To avoid the problem completely do not use the mouse for resizing — use the keyboard.

    • Up/Down moves the selection vertically
    • Left/Right moves the selection horizontally
    • Alt + Up/Down resizes the bottom of the selection vertically
    • Alt + Left/Right resizes the right of the selection horizontally
    • Ctrl + Up/Down resizes the selection from the bottom right corner while maintaining the aspect ratio
    • Ctrl + Left/Right resizes the selection from the top left corner while maintaining the aspect ratio
    • Fine rotation: Left/Right arrow: 0.10 deg; Up/Down arrow: 0.05 deg.

    To move the selection quickly use Right-click with the mouse.

    • Hold down the Shift key to constrain the movement of the selection to horizontal only
    • Hold down the Ctrl key to constrain the movement of the selection to vertical only.

    To type in dimensions and position of the selection, use Shift+C.
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    Thanks--I'll try this method, although it's not going to be as intuitive as using the mouse.

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